Widely regarded as one of the best home renovation companies in North Georgia, Serenity Renovations offers construction and remodeling services that will make your home function better and be more luxurious and comfortable, and ensure you get the maximum return on investment when you sell.

Based in Big Canoe, GA, we have an exceptional reputation and specialize in gated community projects. Our referrals and customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, considering a garage addition or driveway renovation, or planning to finish and reconstruct your basement to create a livable recreation room, Serenity Renovations should be your first stop in North Georgia.

We have an experienced team of professionals on hand to build on your ideas and work with you to realize your renovation dreams.

We are available to tackle any remodeling or renovation projects including:

  • Kitchen Renovations Cook better – live better. We’ll help make the kitchen the hub of your home.
  • Bathroom Renovations Relax and unwind. We’ll make your bathrooms beautifully functional.
  • Garage Additions and Carport Renovation Consider the car. We’ll make garages and carports work for themselves – or convert them if you need more living space.
  • Driveway Construction and Renovation Drive right. We ensure driveways look good and take you to your front door or garage, safely.
  • Deck and Porch Renovation and Additions Improve outdoor living options. Whether covered or not, we’ll help you make the most of decks and porches.
  • Patio Construction and Renovation Entertain outside. We’ll help make your patio a worthwhile investment.
  • Basement Renovations Go underground. Finished or not, we can renovate your basement so you have extra living space or create an underground recreation room to cater for your downtime.
  • Recreation Room Renovation and Additions Have fun. Whether you want to play games, read, drink, or just have a personal sanctuary, we’ll customize a recreation room for you.

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