Bathroom Renovations

Creating or remodeling bathrooms can be a daunting prospect. Once considered simply a place to wash, bathrooms are now appreciated as private places where one can close the door on the world and emerge relaxed and refreshed. There is certainly no need for bathrooms to be inhospitable functional rooms. With creative thought and good design, any bathroom can become a comfortable haven that offers a functional and hygienic environment without sacrificing comfort or style.

Where to begin with Bathroom Renovation?

Unlike other parts of your home where furniture can be moved around or changed to create a different look and feel, the very nature of a bathroom involves plumbing, and fixture and fittings that must be installed by professionals. If a renovation is major, it might entail removal and reinstallation of plumbing pipes and drains. Additionally, it is essential to have the area redesigned according to local regulations before you go ahead with the project.

If you live in North Georgia, the specialists at Serenity Renovations can help with your bathroom remodeling or renovation project. Based in Big Canoe, the company has successfully undertaken and completed numerous bathroom renovations in this and other gated communities, including Bent Tree.

The fixtures and fittings manufactured today are much more efficient than they were in the past, particularly when it comes to toilet flushing systems and shower heads, as well as water heating systems. Serenity Renovations operates throughout North Georgia, and will not only help to make your bathroom more beautiful, but will also make it more energy efficient and ensure you reduce your water consumption.

Reasons for Remodeling or Renovating Your Bathroom

People often remodel or renovate bathrooms because they are selling, and they know an upgrade of this important room will help them get a higher selling price. Generally well-designed “new” bathrooms will also help a home sell more quickly than one that has a dated, unfriendly bathroom, even if it is functional. At the same time, people will often secure a house at a lower price because the bathroom is dank and dreadful, and then spend a bit more money upgrading it to meet their needs and aesthetic standards.

Nevertheless, people who buy in upmarket areas, including gated communities like Bent Tree and Big Canoe will often contract a specialist company to install bathrooms that will meet their needs from the start.

To find out what Serenity Renovations can do to help you create or transform your bathroom, call us today.