Deck & Porch Renovation

Decks, porches and patios are the best ways to increase outdoor living space. The best of these offer cover and protection from the elements, and they enable you to entertain in an inviting outdoor environment. While many new houses incorporate decks and porches, they are sometimes minimal and don’t meet the needs of future homeowners.

The Features and Functions of Decks and Porches

Both decks and porches are essentially outdoor rooms, and they should be considered as such when they are planned. Unfortunately, we often find that they are not properly planned, and so they don’t add real value. For instance, many people add a deck simply because the property slopes, as this is the least expensive way to reclaim otherwise unusable sloping space. But to be really useful, decks and porches need to be functional, and they need to meet the needs of those living in the house.

Traditionally the covered approach to a building, a porch is generally part of the initial building plan. Decks, on the other hand, are commonly added to houses once they are complete. However both may form part of a remodeling or renovation project, and either might be part of a home addition.

If your house incorporates a porch, it might be large enough to accommodate seating, even possibly a table for alfresco meals. But the average porch is quite small, and will generally only be suitable for an outdoor display of plants and possibly outdoor sculptural art.

Decks are generally more utilitarian, though aesthetics should never be forgotten. Whether part of the original house design, or added later to increase outdoor living space, a deck should complement the architecture of the house, and should provide a transition between the house and garden. Multiple features may be included, from screens and roof covering, to barbecues and built-in seating.

Adding to Decks and Porches

Porch remodeling and renovation projects often involve adding to them, to expand their use. However, since they are generally part of the original design of the house structure, it is important to ensure that an addition doesn’t ruin the architectural elements of the house. If the porch is above ground, it may be possible to extend it in the form of a deck. If it is at ground level, a paved patio might be more suitable.

There are many ways to extend decks, either at the same level, or by adding stairs or links to deck areas that are lower, and perform a separate function. It depends what you want and how you plan to use the extension. If you are going to use the deck for entertaining, make sure the new design will meet this need.

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