Garages & Carports

Whether you are building, buying, or selling a house, a garage will be an asset. Since carports aren’t enclosed, they don’t have the same flexibility as a garage, but they are also useful, and will definitely add value to your property.

How Garages and Carports Differ From the Rest of the House

Of course, many people have garages that they don’t use for cars or other vehicles. In fact more garages are probably used as storerooms or workshops than for housing vehicles than we realize – even though local authority regulations are often ignored. So if you have a garage or carport that you want to renovate or add to, make sure you call in professionals who know what you can and can’t legally do. Remember that even specific gated community or homeowner or property owner association regulations may differ.

You might think that your garage or carport is simply part of your home, but because its function is quite different (because both are constructed to house cars and not people) it’s essential to ensure that they are built according to local authority specifications and regulations. While there are many options in terms of remodeling an existing garage, it needs to be done legally otherwise your return on investment (ROI) could be less than zero.

Because a garage is designed for vehicles, it doesn’t usually have the same kind of ventilation found in other areas of the house. It also isn’t designated living space.

Carports are different, because they don’t generally have walls or solid roof structures. However it is often very easy to convert a carport into a garage, and then convert the garage into a storeroom, workshop, or even living space. But this type of renovation must be done correctly.

Renovating and Adding to Garages and Carports

When people buy houses, they often pinpoint a garage or carport for storage space, for a workroom, or even as an area that can be converted into a playroom for the kids. Sometimes they even decide, before they have done their homework, that the garage will become a guest suite: their most important remodeling or renovation project for the year.

But what homeowners don’t realize is that there are regulations, and they’re going to need plans and permits to do this type of work. So if you want to renovate or add onto a garage or totally convert a carport in North Georgia, call Serenity Renovations. We are based in Big Canoe and work in this upmarket, gated community as well as others, including Bent Tree. So if you want to remodel or renovate your carport or garage, call now for advice and a confidential free quotation.