Custom Homes

Serenity Renovations’ custom home building operation is firmly entrenched in the family business, Hynes Custom Homes, started by Mike McEachern’s father, Jerry Hynes, more than three decades ago. Now Serenity Renovations and Hynes in the Pines operate together to create beautiful custom homes.

Designing and Building Custom Homes in North Georgia

As Serenity Renovations gains traction in the industry, Hynes in the Pines’ original crafted homes continue to make their mark, offering:

  • Superior home plans that can be adapted to suit individual needs
  • Clearly specified standards and allowances that enable home builders to decide what they want within their chosen budget
  • Personal attention from the Serenity-Hynes team, appealing to those who seriously want their own custom-built home they can call their own

Whether you want a tiny little forest hideaway or a stone-clad mansion built beside a lake, a barn-style cottage or a terraced home built on a slope, we’ll help you achieve your dreams.

Custom Home Plans

When we talk about custom plans, that’s exactly what we mean.

Whether you already have a home plan, or like one of our standard options, we will review the plan in terms of your needs and preferences. We will also help ensure that the design and finishes you want are going to fit into your building budget. Start with a basic idea and change every wall, door and window if you want to. Redesign the kitchen and modify the bathrooms. Do whatever you want until you’re happy with the end result.

Since ready-made plans are generally designed for level plots, it’s important to ensure that a company offering to adapt plans to meet your needs is able to work with different levels and contours. Not only will we custom-draw your plans, but we will also undertake site-works and grading and take care of issues like water meters, septic tanks and sewer connections.

We will also ensure that all local authority needs are met.

Finishes for Custom Home Plans

Once you have decided on a custom home plan, you’re going to have consider and decide on both exterior and interior finishes. These can impact greatly on cost, so we take time to assist with choices that will meet our customers’ needs. Often we are able to suggest compromises that will meet aesthetic and financial requirements.

Only once finance options have been finalized will we start work on your custom-built home.

The Best Custom Homes in Georgia

When you build a new home, you want it to be special. The Serenity-Hynes in the Pines partnership caters for those who want the best custom residential construction options in Georgia.

Our custom homes combine quality craftsmanship with superior planning and the very best materials available to create the very best custom residential construction. We pride ourselves on the personalized attention we offer, and always make sure we provide:

  1. Easy choices
  2. Open communication
  3. Quality construction

…which is why we can boast long-term relationships with our customers.

Whether you want a traditional Hynes custom home in the pines, a retreat in the mountains, or a really nice affordable home in the suburbs somewhere in Georgia, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams.